About the IP Strategist

Why another IP blog?

Many great blogs already discuss IP law, business strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and other important topics. But there remains a lack of focus on value-driven IP strategy.

Organizations are only valuable if they can commercially distinguish themselves. And they can only realize and sustain that value with a proper focus on protecting and leveraging those distinctions. Unfortunately, most organizations either ignore IP completely or approach IP with little or no alignment to any business value. A value-driven IP strategy starts by asking: “What value do you bring to your market?” Only then, the toolbox of IP assets is opened to explore whether an IP strategy can and should be constructed to align with and realize that value.

IP strategy is not one thing for everyone, and it is not everything for anyone; and the same is true for the IP Strategist Blog. This Blog endeavors to explore many different IP-related issues from a value-driven, strategic, and organization-focused lens. Some posts will offer more general IP strategy frameworks and approaches, while others will tackle more specific IP concerns. Some posts will be more for general consumption (by those who may not already be steeped in IP), while others may be a little more wonky. The Blog is not intended to provide legal advice, to reflect the views of my firm or clients, or to advertise myself or any other goods or services. The goal is to educate and be educated; to promote elevated and respectful conversation around value-driven IP strategy.

Who’s writing this stuff?

For now, all posts are being written by DannyDJS Sherwinter (though he hopes to rope in other contributors in the future). Danny is an Intellectual Property Strategist and patent attorney with Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, an international AmLaw 100 law firm. He has enjoyed working with a wide variety of companies from small start-ups to some of the largest patent filers in the world. Danny loves teaching and has been fortunate to be an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado School of Law, where he teaches a course on Strategic IP Counseling, co-instructs the student Patent Clinic, and guest teaches on patent law and related topics. Prior to becoming an attorney, Danny worked at Boeing as an electrical engineer and R&D team lead in Phantom Works. He is a past President of the IP Section of the Colorado Bar Association and is active in the Colorado IP and entrepreneurship communities.  He has also been recognized multiple times by SuperLawyers magazine as a Top Intellectual Property Attorney in Colorado.